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Justin Watson: PERMADEATH

Jan 26, 2018 – Mar 3, 2018

Installation photograph, Justin Watson: PERMADEATH, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Jan 26—Mar 3, 2018, photo © UMOCA

Justin Watson’s PERMADEATH investigates virtual and real-life communities under the guise of a game exploring the social capital and exchanges of power that exist within these communities. Watson invited 30 artists to create a society, along with an artifact that represents it, to examine the artist’s limitations within such an expansive question. <

PERMADEATH is a game. The game is inclusive and membership is free. PERMADEATH exists online and offline. The game has no beginning or end. Our offline/online one-on-one discussions become the medium of the game. The game itself is an ecosystem. This exhibition is a result of a larger game, one of social capital and exchange of power. This exhibition portrays artifacts from this game.

Featured Artists: Kara Krebs; Celine Downen; Chris Kelly; Danny Wang; David Sadler; Eli Downen; Elizabeth Barbano; Etsuko Kato; Harry Cloud; Joseph Christensen; Kayla Sudweeks; Kelly O’Neill; Kevin Arthofer; Marnae Rathke; Melinda Frewin; Natalie Oliver; Nic Courdy; Oliver Downen; Patrick Charles; Paul Roessler; Robin Clark; Ron Brown; Scott Beadles; Simon Blundell; Stephanie Clark; Susannah Israel; Tabitha Nikolai; Tanner K Williams; Tanja London; Zoë O’Brien

Supported by ZAP and George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation