Top 10 Experiences from UMOCA @ CDMX Art Week

By Cuauhtemoc “C-moc” Sandoval

C-moc is a UMOCA Board Member, art-lover, and newly-minted CDMX tour guide. 

A group of UMOCA supporters and donors recently joined Executive Director, Laura Hurtado and Curator of Exhibitions, Jared Steffensen for Mexico City’s art week February 6th-10th, 2023. The art-filled week had many highlights including exclusive tours at the week’s top art fairs, VIP gallery openings, and of course a taste of Mexico’s vibrant food culture. The itinerary included nods to CDMX’s rich cultural history and a spotlight on its exciting contemporary voices. Here are the top highlights from this year’s unforgettable art week in Mexico City: 

#1: Exploring the immersive rooms at Salon Acme

The Salon Acme art fair took over an old building in the neighborhood of Juárez where each room, hallway or rooftop provided the space for a different artist to activate. 

#2: Seeing new art in conversation with old at Museo Anahuacalli

We previewed sculptor Alma Allen’s presentation “Nunca Solo (“Never Alone”) during a VIP brunch that spanned throughout the building designed by Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.

#3: Touring where Frida Kahlo lived & created masterpieces

A visit and tour of the Frida Kahlo museum offered a glimpse at the artist’s home  

#4: Discovering new galleries at Zonamaco 

Zonamaco is Latin America’s leading art fair and had no shortage of impressive art.

#5: Gallery hopping in San Miguel Chapultepec

We enjoyed an evening gallery crawl with a particularly lively opening party at gallery Kurimanzutto for Nairy Baghramian’s modéle vivant. 

#6: Touring two great retrospectives at Museo Tamayo 

A private tour guided us through retrospectives by Raphel Montañez Ortiz and Miguel Calderon including this piece, “Ridiculum vitae” which was displayed in the museum’s beautiful entrance. 

#7: Exploring Minerva Cueva’s playful contemporary ruins at Museo Jumex

Cueva’s installation presented elements of a future archeology site that spoke to the global impact of human activity. 

#8: Reflecting on Mexico’s rich history at the Museo Nacional de Antropología

The group explored the various halls of the museum, home to amazing historical artifacts including the Stone of the Sun.

#9: Discovering up-and-coming galleries at Feria Material 

Material is Latin America’s popular independent art fair and showcased smaller galleries from both Mexico and around the globe.  

#10: Being inspired by activist art at MUAC

The exhibition “Giro gráfico” at the Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo (MUAC) presented a collection of mixed media pieces by activists and artists working at the intersection of art and politics in Latin America.

BONUS: #11: Enjoying many great meals with an amazing group!

What is travel without great food & drink. Each day was not only filled with great art but amazing great food as well! Already thinking about where to eat next time I’m in CDMX!

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