The Best Gifts at this Year’s UMOCAxVSL Holiday Shoppe

Annual UMOCAxVSL Holiday Shoppe, Saturday, December 10, 2022, 10am–6pm, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, 20 S W Temple, SLC

The Annual UMOCAxVSL Holiday Shoppe is coming up fast! To give you a better idea of what you can expect from the Shoppe this Saturday, December 10, we’ve asked some of our favorite artists, foodies, and UMOCA members to select their top gifts from the UMOCA Art Shop.

Artist Tali Alisa Hafoka—Art-Loving Foodie Gift Guide

Tali Alisa Hafoka’s exhibition Carried Across, currently on view in the Museum’s Street Gallery, focuses on the importance of food as a symbol of Pacific Islander culture—the nuances of how it’s sourced, prepared, and shared—and its central function at social gatherings. Many of the dishes are presented as offerings, drawing from the Pacific Islander idea of sharing or “giving without self-regard.” With the intersection of food, art, and the holidays in mind, we asked Tali to select some of her top gifts from the Art Shop.


Areaware Everybody Salt & Pepper Grinders

Brighten up your kitchen and have fun doing it with these artful salt and pepper grinders by Areaware. The modular design allows you to remix the look while grinding your spices.


Stay Fresh Lunch Box

Keep your lunch and outfit looking fresh with this lunchbox designed by artist Magda Archer.


Areaware Dusen Dusen Taper Candlesticks

Use these funky fresh candles to lighten and brighten your dining table at your next holiday feast.


Orange Felt Ornament

Stave off scurvy and seasonal depression with this Orange Felt Ornament. Orange you glad you get 10% off at the UMOCAxVSL Holiday Shoppe?


Areaware Stacking Planter

This stacking planter integrates both a planter and saucer into one form. Get inspiration for your next horticultural project from Tali Alisa Hafoka’s plant paintings in her exhibition Carried Across, on view now.

UMOCA Board Member Cuauhtemoc “C-moc” Sandoval—Locals Only Gift Guide

UMOCA Board Member, C-moc Sandoval, is a transplant from Wisconsin, by way of New York, but he loves his new home and is always looking for ways to support the arts in Utah. Here are C-moc’s top picks for that proud art-loving Utahn in your life.



Advertise your Utah pride with this UMOCA tee featuring our new wordmark designed by Actual Source, available in black and gray.


HazeMat Bucket Hat

This hat, designed by local artist group, HazeMat, is a statement piece that will wow all your friends.


Salt Lake City Map by Archie’s Press

It might not be as straightforward as Brigham Young’s grid system, but Archie’s Letterpress map shows all of our city’s beloved locations.


Alise Anderson’s My Grandma is a meme

Buy it for your grandma, buy it for yourself, buy it for your sentimental friend. Local artist, Alise Anderson meditates and explores intergenerational ties and celebrates her Grandma Trudy in this book by UMOCA Press.


Actual Source Mug

Sip your morning coffee in style with this mug by Utah-based design studio Actual Source. C-moc and UMOCA Staff worked closely with Actual Source on the Museum’s new visual identity.

Youngest UMOCA Member Whitman Tree & Big Sister Woody Tree—Kid (or Kid-at-Heart) Gift Guide

We asked two of our favorite (and youngest) UMOCA members, Woody and Whitman Tree, to pick their top gifts for kids (or kids-at-heart) from the UMOCA Art Shop. We had a blast watching them assess each Art Shop item for maximum playability.

Lucky Cats

Put this cat in your office, bedroom, living room and watch the good fortune roll in. These pastel, single color lucky cats will be a statement piece in any room.


Areaware Milo CubeBot

Have you met Milo, a bot’s best friend? Gift this flexible pup to a fidgety friend or gift him to yourself! Ruff!


Poketo Vivid Gel Pens

4 gel pens with a comfortable grip for smooth writing.


Giant Ice Cream Cone Planter

This Ice Cream Cone is a creamy, dreamy addition to any room whether you use it as a planter, rubbish bin, or basketball hoop!


Ridiculous Stress Swan-Thing

David Shrigley unveiled his sculpture, Swan in 2000, 22 years later you can buy this ridiculous thing to relieve stress or play catch with your friends.


Actual Source Publisher’s Mark Disc

Complete with Actual Source’s Publisher’s Mark, this disc would be a great gift for your dog or dawgs.


Gumball Machine Felt Ornament

This bubbly ornament will add “POP!” to any tree.

Rachel O’s Button Earrings

Quirky, cute, affordable—the perfect gift!


Blue Butterfly Felt Ornament

The blue butterfly is generally seen as a positive symbol that represents hope, change, and new beginnings. Put this ornament on your tree to bring in love and hope in the New Year.