The 2024 Gala Art Auction Exhibition is open. Come by to check out the works and bid on your favorite pieces.



UMOCA is not currently seeking new interns at this time.


UMOCA’s Volunteer Program is a great way to interact with the local community and expand your knowledge of contemporary art, all while learning about the daily functions of an art museum. Schedules are flexible and there are no minimum monthly hours to fulfill. UMOCA provides parking during volunteer shifts and volunteers who assist 40 hours or more a year will receive a Family level membership.

Most volunteer opportunities take place in the museum, but some are off-site, including the Utah Arts Festival at Library Square and Art Truck visits to various schools and festivals throughout the valley.

If you are interested in becoming an Education Volunteer, please email with your name and number and why you’re interested in volunteering. For all other volunteer opportunities, email with the same information.

We are deeply grateful for our volunteers and all they do to help us achieve our mission.


See below for job openings at the Museum.

Our team is made of some of the most dedicated art lovers and professionals that can be found in downtown SLC.

Each day we bring ideas, issues and vision to the team – then work hard to package and deliver the most meaningful and relevant experiences for visitors of every type. The art we have the pleasure of working beside is our muse and inspiration. If you are smart, hard-working, eager to deeply experience every aspect of museum operations and come with a smile, then we should talk.

UMOCA is an equal opportunity employer regardless of race, sex, age, national origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or any other unlawful consideration.


Request for Proposals

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) is soliciting proposals from qualified Utah based firms/individuals to perform Pre-Design services for the following project: Utah Museum of Contemporary Art Facility Upgrades For purposes of this solicitation, the term “Team” will be used to represent the Architect submitting on the project. This RFP is intended to provide interested Proposers with sufficient minimum requirements. The requirements in the Scope of Work for this RFP are not intended to limit a proposal's content or creativity. Proposers are encouraged to expand upon the specifications to give additional evidence of their ability to provide the services requested in this RFP. However, Proposers must address the needs and requirements stated in the Purpose and Scope of Work of this RFP. The award of additional features beyond the minimum requirements is in UMOCA’s sole discretion and will be clearly identified in the resulting contract if it is deemed appropriate by UMOCA and consistent with the initial RFP Scope of Work.