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History — 1950s


The Board of Directors appoints Alfred Goodwin as Chairman
of Exhibitions for the Art Barn. Artist V. Doug Snow later
explains that, ”Goodwin was very much in touch with the
times, extremely articulate, and collaborated beautifully with
artists. He played a big, big role … “

Art Barn begins collecting artwork, ”with special emphasis
upon painting of unusual contemporary interest.”


Remodeling and expansion of Art Barn building on Finch Lane


After the expansion of the building, the Art Barn focuses
curatorially on architectural exhibitions through several shows
throughout the decade, including American Institute of
Architects (1955); Architectural: University of Utah School of
Architecture (1956); Geometry of Creation (1959); and
Architectural Review (1960).


To further clarify the mission outside the definition of the
building itself, the Art Barn changes its name to the Salt Lake Art
Center (SLAC).


Armed with a new name and clear mission, the Board seeks to
shift from a volunteer-led organization, to one with hired staff.