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History — 1940s


The group, Associated Utah Artists, forms and exhibits
annually at Art Barn until 1958.


Annual Beaux Arts Ball temporarily changes its name to
Allied Defense Ball in support of the war effort.

Junior League sponsors the exhibition of fourteen paintings
by Vincent Van Gogh.


Art Barn events and programming transition in content and
focus to aid defense efforts.


Famed pianist, Grant Johannesen, debuts his first Art Barn recital,
a first among many. Called ”unorthodox” and an ” elegant
interpreter,” Johannesen continues to perform at the Art Barn for
years, often premiering work there.


Alta Rawlins Jensen hyperbolically writes that the Art Barn is
”Utah’ s Louvre.”


Describing the environment of the Art Barn, Jensen writes,
”Wallace Stegne may be addressing the League of Western
Writers in the gallery; or on another of these special nights,
Florence Ware may be there elucidating color and design.”


Art Center School offers Associated Arts Degree.