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History — 1930s


Alta Rawlins Jensen and other arts enthusiasts organize support for an art center, eventually known as the Art Barn, in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake Telegram announces that “Salt Lake will soon have a miniature ‘Greenwich Village’ and Bohemian art center to be used as a rendezvous for artists, authors, poets, sculptors, and musicians.”


The cornerstone for the Art Barn facility is laid by Governor George Dern.


Governor Henry H. Blood and actress Maude Adams officiate the formal opening of the Art Barn in Reservoir Park. Flyer advertising the opening reads, “This Art Center belongs to You!”


The Art Barn holds its first gala, the Annual Beaux Arts Ball.


The Art Barn School of Fine Arts is established.


Salt Lake chapter of American Artists’ Congress forms, and the first publication of the Art Barn Bulletin includes independent art criticism.


The Utah State Art Center (USAC), an organization with an overlapping mission to the Art Barn, opens. With the onset of the war and dependent on federal financing, the USAC closes its doors in 1943.


Gordon Cope is appointed volunteer director of Art Barn School of Fine Arts.