Gala Sneak Peak

This year’s Gala invitation, designed by Actual Source.

My name is Gary Vlasic, and I am a designer and artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. My company, V. PROJECT, is a creative studio, art production space, and experiential design company. We specialize in experiential events, as well as interior and product design.

My involvement with UMOCA began when I was a mere 19-year-old. Since then, my role as a volunteer has evolved into 12 years of Board service, 22 years of heading the Annual Gala, and 6 years of being the Gala Committee Chair. I would not have devoted so much time to an institution if I did not intimately know and love the organization, both as an event planner, as well as an artist.

I am honored to have had several shows in the museum over the past 25 years. They have spanned large scale installations in the Main Gallery, such as the design show titled, MALL / FOOD COURT, filling a retail space within the upper lobbies and galleries. Over many decades, I have staged hundreds of events, including film festival openings, corporate and private events within the walls of UMOCA.

Yet, no event can compare to UMOCA’s galas! This year, UMOCA celebrates its 90th Anniversary. This July 17th celebration will include disco dancing and unusual performances with a gourmet dinner and an overarching feeling of philanthropy at the heart of the evening. 

It is my intent to create a 1977 Disco that is both colorful and celebratory. In creating my menu, I went for a high-low dichotomy, bringing champagne and hamburgers together over truffle fries and designer birthday cakes.

I am so proud of how this event is taking shape, and as always, thrilled to bring the iconic V. Project flare to the event. UMOCA’s gala is the one summer event that is consistently fun and free of all typical gala structuring. I always say, we are a contemporary art museum, so we get to break all the rules when it comes to galas.

Gary Vlasic of V. Project