In Memory is on view in the Main Gallery Presented by Diane & Sam Stewart. Pictured work by Do Ho Suh.

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

In Memory

Jul 5, 2024 – Feb 22, 2025

Opening Reception Friday, July 12, 6–9 pm. Use form below to register for this free event! “…where we were, that valley we ran through, what the banks were like, the…

David Baddley: Carmel Diagonal

Jul 5, 2024 – Jan 11, 2025

Consider a memory or an experience. How do you encapsulate it? Does it reside solely in your mind, ready to be summoned at will? Or can it be documented by…

Milad Mozari: Language of Movement

Jul 5, 2024 – Jan 8, 2025

Spanning three decades and three continents of archival material, Language of Movement is Milad Mozari’s ongoing conversation with Ghaffar Pourazar, an Azerbaijani-Iranian computer animator turned Beijing Opera performer. The materials…

Margaret Curtis: This, too.

Jun 21, 2024 – Nov 9, 2024

Summers in the West have become hotter and drier. The results can be seen on mountainsides, which shift from green to yellow as temperatures rise where dry plant life becomes…

Kym McDaniel: If I could take me from that room, I would never give me back

Jul 5, 2024 – Oct 19, 2024

Influenced by her research in Crip Theory (an interdisciplinary field that merges Disability Studies and Queer Theory) as well as her embodiment as a disabled dancer, McDaniel uses sculpture, video,…

Christopher Kelly’s God Complex

Jun 21, 2024 – Aug 24, 2024

What does it mean to revisit a world of your construction after a 10-year hiatus: one where you are the creator, builder, and participant? Does its existence shift, change, grow,…

Nina Elder: What Sustains

Sep 1, 2023 – Aug 1, 2024

2023-2024 Art Truck Exhibition Nina Elder What Sustains: Landscapes for Curiosity and Connection How do rocks, trees, and holes in the Earth sustain your daily life? Artist and researcher Nina…

Upcoming Exhibitions

There are no upcoming exhibitions at this time.