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There are no upcoming exhibitions at this time.

Past Exhibitions

New Knowledge: Built from Old Bones

Mar 25, 2022 – May 10, 2022

Sheila Pepe is best known for her large-scale, ephemeral installations and sculpture made from domestic and industrial materials. Since the mid-1990s Pepe has used feminist and craft traditions to investigate…

Charles Edward Williams: Black River

Jan 21, 2022 – Apr 30, 2022

In Black River, artist Charles Edward Williams examines his evolving and complicated relationship with his father. The exhibition centers on his response to his father’s abuse of power, control, and position.…

Edge of Discovery Presents Shattering the Pictures in Our Heads 

Jan 21, 2022 – Apr 30, 2022

Descendants of the Western Shoshone and the Northern Paiute are two closely related tribes that once freely occupied the lands in the tri-state area of what are now known as…

Myleka Bevans: We’re going to talk about it.

Feb 9, 2022 – Apr 2, 2022

Here we find the scattered shards of unattended grief, the pieces of unwept loss, and the shavings of old wounds swept into the corner… There is something feral about grief,…

Lilly Agar: A Hug Away

Jan 21, 2022 – Mar 12, 2022

“This project is a tribute to life,” said artist Lilian Agar, who paints portraits of members of the Salt Lake queer community in bright, hopeful colors, paired with audio files…

Tiana Birrell: the weight of a cloud

Oct 29, 2021 – Dec 30, 2021

In the weight of a cloud, Birrell uses video and image-based work to linguistically separate the language of a physical, ethereal cloud and digital storage. Although the name suggests a floating, ephemeral,…

Niko Krivanek: Dear Sally, Love Mom

Oct 23, 2021 – Dec 30, 2021

As that claustrophobic unit, the nuclear family, was being carved out of a much larger family aggregate, photography came along to memorialize, to restate symbolically, the imperiled continuity and vanishing…

ALL WALL: Contemporary Utah Muralists + UMOCA

Aug 6, 2021 – Dec 30, 2021

Working with Utah-based artists or artist collectives, All Wall explores the cultural heritage of public art in our state, bringing together artists with varying ideas and aesthetics to create a…

Nick Pedersen: Slow Apocalypse

Oct 29, 2021 – Dec 30, 2021

We stumble forward in hopeful chaos, trusting that the light on the horizon is the dawn and not the twilight.” – E.O. Wilson Through an intricate combination of photography, digital…

Yoriko Mizushiri: A Gentle Touch

Aug 6, 2021 – Dec 30, 2021

A Gentle Touch is a collection of two short films, Kamakura and Maku, from Yoriko Mizushiri. Her hand-drawn animations use surrealist poetics rather than narrative to explore sensuality, fetish, and melancholy. Each film uses dreamlike…