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Venessa Gromek: The Sublime is Light and Easy-To-Assemble

Jan 4, 2013 – Apr 20, 2013

Venessa Gromek uses tent poles and lace to create elegant sculptures in the pursuit of intersecting ideas from the outdoor industry and the tradition of modernism and sublime in the landscape. Gromek distinguishes her sculptures as different from the traditional form through the ability to transport them with ease. Her sculptures transcend from the traditional steel, wood, glass or clay and instead use the lace and tent poles to create lightweight structures that can be easily assembled and disassembled. The sculptures resemble tents, but take the function out of the tent, allowing the focus to be on form and the boundaries of materials. Gromek describes her tents an example of how tent design has turned to complex design and form to make searching out the sublime in landscape easier.