Artist-in-Residence Moses Williams' exhibition Parable Bodies is on view through June 1, 2024 in the AIR Space.

Tatiana Larsen: art4ONE4all

Mar 13, 2015 – Apr 4, 2015

Tatiana Larsen’s project, art4ONE4all, is an ongoing series of artworks inspired by chance encounters, the subsequent conversations that follow, and interviews that Larsen conducts to reveal the unique personalities, lifestyles, and histories of the strangers she meets.

The projects included in this iteration of art4ONE4all explore the idea of art as cultural currency, as Larsen exchanges the time and willingness of the participants for an opportunity to create work inspired by their stories.

art4ONE4all brings into question how an artwork made for one can be understood by all who see it. For Larsen, understanding comes from the realization that we all have shared experiences, whether personal or through friends and family. Using this interconnectivity as a departure point, Larsen’s interviews allow us to identify with the stranger and by extension the artwork, ultimately underscoring the importance of seeing both the object and documentation together. 

By providing the viewer a glimpse into the lives of her subjects, Larsen’s work demonstrates how the exchange of ideas, narratives, and knowledge can transform a simple conversation into a collective experience.



Supported by ZAP.