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Stephanie Leitch: Untitled Apogee

Dec 6, 2013 – Feb 22, 2014

Untitled Apogee is part of a series that pulls inspiration from the aesthetic value of images, architecture, and realities in the local dominant culture of Salt Lake City.

Drawing on the architecture of church spires, this installation explores the space between construction and gravity as way to reconsider the heavenward thrust of the traditional steeple form. Leitch employs fabric, string and video projections to create an inverted topography, marking the precise location of 617 steeples of LDS chapels and temples located in the Salt Lake Valley. She then extends and amplifies these points to negotiate the interaction of cultural environment and geography.By reversing the upward thrust of the steeple form and anchoring the heavens to the weight of the earth, Untitled Apogee reveals the tension and pull between the ground plane and its limits.