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Spy Hop Productions: Sonic Squeeze

Jan 24, 2012 – Mar 24, 2012

Cooperate. Communicate. Collaborate. Buzz words of the 21st Century. In theory, it’s what we’re all doing, but in the lightning fast world we live in, these ideas often get left by the wayside in the effort to “just get it done.”

At Spy Hop Productions, collaborate is a word students often get sick of hearing, but it’s an idea so ingrained in the way Spy Hop works, that staff and students can’t imagine a day without it. Film needs music, game design needs sound, musicians need recording. Art is interdependent.

In that spirit, consider SONIC SQUEEZE a collaboration test, a 21st century mash-up of video games, drum machines and tone makers. Play the game to create sounds from one of three stations – but work together with other participants to get all three games to create your own song. A digital media experiment, SONIC SQUEEZE invites visitors to play an interactive game that celebrates the collaborative nature of everything Spy Hop does.

Created by Interactive Design Mentor Chris Manfre, Musical Arts Mentor Jeremy Chatelain and Audio Program Mentor Alain Koffi Sessi with help from their students.