Margaret Curtis: This, too. opens Friday, June 21 in the Street Gallery

Seven Deadly Sins: 2018 Spectacle Art Auction

May 18, 2018 – Jun 9, 2018

Each year, UMOCA is overwhelmed by the generosity of Utah’s art community. As part of our annual Spectacle, which is the Museum’s largest fundraiser of the year, local, national, and international artists donate their precious time and talents in the form of incredible art to the Spectacle Art Auction.

Utah has a rich and unique contemporary art culture. As a cornerstone for contemporary culture in our state, we believe in providing a space for artistic experimentation, innovation and dialogue surrounding the issues of our time. UMOCA supports local artists and are honored to have their support in return! We would like to thank each artist for their donation, and hope that museum goers, spectacle attendees and art lovers alike will appreciate the work. We value the work these artists do to enrich the cultural vitality of our state.

The majority of UMOCA’s art auction works are by local artists, many of whom have participated in the Artist-In-Residence program. Those who are not local, are artists who have had their work exhibited at UMOCA. Bidding on the artwork begins May 18 and is open to anyone!

Featured Artists:

Matthew Allred
Cecilia Anthony
John Bell
Cody Benson
Emily Call
Trent Call
Amelia Carley
Alyce Carrier
Matthew Choberka
Justin Chouinard
Jane Christensen
Maddison Colvin
Paul Crow
Eric Edvalson
Nathan Florence
Sara Frantz
Jonathan Frioux
Jacob Haupt
Jann Haworth
Scott Horsley
Levi Jackson
Jim Jacobs
Tom Judd
Jason Largever
Lizze Määttälä
Sam Milianta
Molly Morin
Alison Neville
Martin Novak
Eric Overton
Wren Ross
Jared Steffensen
Maggie Willis