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Robert Smithson: Hotel Palenque

Aug 29, 2014 – Oct 4, 2014

New Genres Gallery: AUG 29 – OCT 4
Opening Reception: AUG 29 | 7 – 9 pm


Unearthing the Ruins of an Unbuilt Future

Hotel Palenque, a slideshow of Robert Smithson’s photographs, reveals an unfinished hotel on the Mayan architectural site of Palenque, Mexico.Taken in 1969 during his travels to northern Yucatán, these photographs reveal spatial and architectural uncertainties, transitioning between temporal boundaries of the past and present. This “non-site”, a place lacking purpose, is evidence of a vision not realized and a man-made intervention entropically falling back into the earth.
Robert Smithson


Image Credit:
Robert Smithson, “Hotel Palenque,” 1969–72
Slide projection of thirty-one 35 mm color slides (126 format) and audio recording of a lecture by the artist at the University of Utah in 1972 (42 min, 57 sec), dimensions variable
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
Purchased with funds contributed by the International Director’s Council and Executive Committee Members: Edythe Broad, Henry Buhl, Elaine Terner Cooper, Linda Fischbach, Ronnie Heyman, Dakis Joannou, Cindy Johnson, Barbara Lane, Linda Macklowe, Brian McIver, Peter Norton, Willem Peppler, Denise Rich, Rachel Rudin, David Teiger, Ginny Williams, and Elliot K. Wolk
© Estate of Robert Smithson/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY


About Cultural Cartographies: Mapping Man-Made Interventions in Contemporary Landscapes
New Genres Gallery: MAY 16 – JAN 31
Focusing on still image or filmmaking as a primary medium, this series explores how varied manifestations of political, environmental, urban, and utopian interventions inform a more contemporary way of thinking about the entanglement of history and geography. Through this form of investigation, Cultural Cartographies reveals how artists negotiate understandings of space and place, using technologies of vision, that shape social and natural environments.