Margaret Curtis: This, too. is on view in the Street Gallery through November 9, 2024

Number 04: Actual Source

Apr 3, 2015 – May 16, 2015

Much like a sketchbook is used by artists to collect their ideas, Actual Source is the chronological catalogue of 6 months of process, dialogue, and reference material mined by Number 04 on the World Wide Web.

This research centered on all things necessary for a museum to mount an exhibition; from lighting to pedestals to the type face used for marketing. The 1,000 page catalog then became the subject of new imagery informed by the book itself.

Actual Source no longer exists as a record of the research that viewers are free to flip through. Rather, it has ceased to exist as a book and has been transformed into an object that NUMBER 04 alters based on the information contained within. Although the viewer is not privileged to the information, the results are manifested through images and sculptures included in the exhibition.

NUMBER 04 is a Utah based design studio and micropublishing imprint founded in 2013 by JP Haynie and Davis Ngarupe.