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Niki Chan Wylie, Words By Stephen Dark: Only God Can Judge Me

Jan 27, 2017 – Mar 18, 2017

If the homeless are invisible, homeless youth are doubly so. They are our teenage sons and daughters who sleep on the street or on friends’ couches- vulnerable to predators, with only other homeless kids to turn to.

How can we support them in their journey if we don’t even see them as they wander our streets?

Photographer Niki Chan Wylie and Writer Stephen Dark want us to see them for who they are and for how they see themselves- as human beings who ask for nothing but the recognition of their right to strive for happiness, health, a home, and laughter.

They all agree on one thing, a statement tattooed under the chin of one of Chan’s five subjects, Gabe, and the name she has given her portraits:Only God Can Judge Me.

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