Margaret Curtis: This, too. is on view in the Street Gallery through November 9, 2024

Nicholas Courdy: Metaphornography

May 6, 2016 – Jul 23, 2016

Nicholas Courdy explores the ways in which the internet’s availability of media and social interaction shape the complexities within the spectrum of our romantic desires and perpetuate the maximum threshold of romantic fantasy.

The artist creates videos using a variety of digital media sources, mostly from the public domain, that explore narratives which portray romantic relationships, passions, and impulses from different perspectives. Metaphornography is a culmination of these explorations and presents the viewer with an over-stimulation of visual metaphors that depict the emotional tensions found in love and lust. The works serve as an invitation to the viewer to personally reflect upon their own relationship with the digital landscape and how it has influenced their sensualities, desires, and compulsions.

Supported by Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts and Parks; SLUG Magazine.