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Molly Morin: Information Density

Oct 26, 2018 – Jan 12, 2019

Installation photograph, Molly Morin: Information Densite, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Oct 26, 2018—Jan 12, 2019, photo © UMOCA

Information Density draws upon Morin’s experience as a competitive weightlifter and coach. It presents weightlifting movements, equipment, and competition results through felt sculpture, data visualization, performative drawing, and digital fabrication. While maintaining fuzzy borders between information, mark-making, visualization and metaphor, this project addresses the sport of weightlifting as a practice in which fleshy, complicated, physical bodies are intimately connected to data sets and analysis.  The work is both a celebration of powerful bodies a reflection on the ways in which we collect and represent the rapidly increasing volume of personal information that technology enables.

Supported by ZAP and The Family of Margo Silvester.