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Megan Geckler: No Chance To Move Backward And See

Nov 2, 2012 – Feb 23, 2013

Megan Geckler creates site-specific installations using construction flagging tape, mathematical calculations, and color theory. Geckler’s installation at UMOCA, “No chance to move backwards and see”, transforms the gallery space, inviting the viewer to take an exploratory journey through chromatic examples of architecture, design, sculpture, and painting.

Drawing from geometric illusionism and principles of design, “No chance to move backwards and see” presents woven wall murals, a custom sculptural extension of architectural elements, several modular sculptural works, and nine tape ‘paintings’ that offer a Josef Albers-esque color study of the colors of the installation.

Geckler’s installation utilizes walls and spaces to create optically dazzling, geometric forms and patterns in blue, orange, green, and yellow. Carefully designed to continue and echo the dynamic forms of her successive flagging tape configurations, the sightlines from each entrance to the gallery yield a different experience of the layered colors and patterns therein.