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Mary Rothlisberger: From Nothing To Nothing Is No Time At All

Feb 3, 2017 – Mar 11, 2017

If creative practice is something to drape duration on, what shape is the landscape of conversation during a slow drive across rural America? From human nature to geologic time, the work explores quietude, the real color of night, how stones can speak, and what we say to one another when we’re just passing time.

From Nothing to Nothing Is No Time at All is for the people you think about when you see something beautiful, the stories that make you feel happy and sad, the miles measured between all of us at once, and getting to know the ground you stand on. What color is the dust that you kick off your shoes?

About Mary Rothlisberger

Mary Rothlisberger is a citizen artist working with remote landscapes and rural communities. Her investigations into the American landscape are a chronicle from years on the road. She uses conversational research, publications, performance, and play to express the places we situate ourselves within. Her work explores universal issues of relating to one another by sincerely engaging in site-specific action and encouraging an adventurous collective spirit.

Supported by ZAP; Lawrence T. & Janet T. Dee Foundation; Marriner S. Eccles Foundation; SLUG Magazine.