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Mall no. 2

Aug 14, 2015 – Sep 12, 2015

Mall no. 2 is the second in a series of projects that explore experiences around emerging concepts in product, fashion, graphic, and retail design. Looking to innovative modes of consumerism in the digital age, Mall no. 2 presents intriguing ideas and merchandise that reflect both the advantages and consequences resulting from a new paradigm of commerce.

The Internet is an indispensable platform for dialogue and business for all types of design. Designers are freed from corporate structures and are able to follow self-initiated questions by designing products of their own choice and interests. The emancipation of the individual designer has exploded in a surge of unique approaches, aesthetics, and solutions.

If the two-dimensional space of the Internet has become the center of design culture, has the sensory experience of interacting with a tangible product been lost? What is the future of consuming in the digital paradigm, and how will we challenge our other senses? How can designers and their audience connect in tangible ways?

Mall no. 2 contemplates such questions and suggests that as the Internet replaces the physical, both patrons and designers need a place where the material and digital converge—a place to simultaneously consume and learn. As an evolving and dynamic project, the producers and collaborators of Mall and its evolving iterations create and promote gathering places where brilliant design can be nurtured, explored, tested, questioned, and enjoyed.

Produced and curated by 7D8 and V. Project, featuring the following collaborators: Tunica, Draw Down, Tokyo Bike, Visibility, Thing Industries, Loïc Bard, Mercury Bureau, Luur, Elish Warlop, Sahn, Johanna Schmeer, and more.