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Lori Damiano: Lord I: The Records Keeper

Nov 9, 2018 – Jan 18, 2019

Damiano’s short film, Lord I: The Records Keeper, tells the story of a steadfast archivist living in the woods who is called to document life in the Kingdom of They. As she follows the path to the kingdom, it becomes clear that something is interfering with her attempts to document all that she is witnessing. It is only after an encounter in the kingdom that she realizes the issue and its resolution.

Lord I: The Records Keeper illustrates the idea of finding stillness within a particular moment or situation allowing unnoticed details to become apparent. Damiano’s protagonist, Lord I, utilizes her new found awareness as a way to quiet the distractions keeping her from completing the task at hand and seeing things as they are without internal, or external, barriers clouding her experience.

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