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Lizze Määttälä: Uphill/Both Ways

Aug 14, 2015 – Nov 7, 2015

Lizze Määttälä’s Uphill/Both Ways is about fragments that have been left behind; memories that once sat heavily on her shoulders and shaken off somewhere in between here and the Mojave DesertIt is about rejection; the affinity she feels towards a broken piece of marble, scratched and thrown to the side. The attachment she feels towards the gravity of materials, left to rest or waver.

Määttälä finds materials on streets, in salvage yards, and dumpsters. These materials collect in piles in her studio, the cold slabs of stone mingling with the cushion of foam, enabling a relationship to develop between the objects. Temperatures of tension read hot to cold, in directions difficult to distinguish and possibly better left wide open.