Tali Alisa Hafoka's exhibition Carried Across on view now in the Street Gallery

Justin Chouinard: These Ribbons Are Substratum

Mar 17, 2017 – Apr 22, 2017

A.I.R SPACE: MAR 17 – APR 22

Wrinkled sheets of memory. Light that once mingled on a form, a body, a vehicle, a dinner table. Analogue technology serving as a performer and medium for ghosts of experience past, altered states that are nostalgic yet foreign.

35mm film slides and 16mm film loops have been manipulated by hand leaving the original emulsion, the skin of image, folded, layered, torn, peeled away to reveal the bones of cinema. Sound comes directly from the flesh of the loops, speaking in rhythms and rustled distortions. Images will fall frail and break, passing to their next state, allowing works to evolve and degrade again.