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Dream: Egyptian Theatre YouTheatre

Dec 22, 2017 – May 19, 2018

Based on Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom and Wishes by Susan V. Bosak

Stage Adapted for the Egyptian Theatre YouTheatre Program

Performed by the YouTheatre Drama Company II Class of Spring 2017

How many dreams will we have in our lifetimes? One, two, 10, 100, 1,000? How many infinite possibilities are at our fingertips if we embrace life’s challenges and pursue the seemingly impossible, the endlessly exciting and the sometimes downright terrifying? One thing is for certain: we never know unless we dream.

The YouTheatre Drama Company adapted Bosak’s book into a work that is both a dramatic stage production and a performance artwork. Throughout one semester of the program, the students worked in groups to choreograph stage movements for their theatrical tableaus as well as brainstorm imagery for the live painting of a collaborative artwork. Displayed alongside a video of the performance itself, the painting was completed in ten short minutes by many students’ hands.

This project grew out of a desire to embrace the unknown and imagine a space where theatre and visual art can combine as performance. As an educational and creative experiment carried out for the first time on the Egyptian Theatre stage, it called for dedication, planning and awareness from both students and educators. The resulting fusion of painting, performance and student-led production encapsulates uncharted territory: the dream of a classroom where students lead their own learning and teachers facilitate a new school frontier.

Director of the Egyptian Theatre YouTheatre Program: Jamie Wilcox

Instructors: Madison Lindgren and Amy Livingston

Students: Abbey Cobleigh (7th), Amelia Medlock (5th), Andie McBroom (6th), Avery Westover (6th), Cooper West (5th), Emily Beavis (6th), Emily Romero (6th), Isabel Luckan (7th), Jade Munoa (5th), Kate Rooney (6th), Kerstin van Oostenbrugge (6th), Owen West (7th), Savannah Jacobson (8th), Quince Barton (7th) and Zoe Zachry (6th)