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David Brothers: Rolithica

Jan 29, 2015 – Apr 30, 2015

Incorporating both the beautiful and the wretched, David Brothers creates elaborate, fantastical, and sublime staged worlds as the palette for his photographic compositions. Through installation and photography, this solo exhibition takes viewers into Brothers’ surreal world that is at once both hell and paradise.

As a respected and unusual character in the Utah arts community, Brothers has made his mark in various disciplines including painting, printmaking, animation, radio, film, video, and photography. Although he has had a long career in the film industry as a designer, art director, and scenic painter, in the ‘90s he returned to the creation of set design with the sole purpose of documenting his whimsical environments.

For Brothers, still photography is the ideal narrative format, unhindered by troublesome cinematic matters. In the exhibition Rolithica, Brothers presents a scene from his fairytale land along with a series of large-format photographs, allowing visitors to explore the uncanny components of his unique artistic practice.

Supported by Pete Ashdown; Sam & Diane Stewart; and Zions Bank.