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Céline Downen: Beehive Works

Apr 28, 2017 – Aug 5, 2017

Strong communities are collections of individuals working together. Everyone contributes. Mothers, fathers, children, students, neighbors, caregivers, dreamers, storytellers, scientists, teachers, entrepreneurs, artists…. We all have something to give. The beehive symbolizes this idea of industry and collaboration.

Beehive Works: Glendale Library

Is home a place that exists permanently or is it something we create and bring with us? What happens when a diverse group of children make individual feathers, and then assemble them into wings? How can everyday kitchen items become tools for printmaking? What does it look like when a child expresses themselves through weaving, a craft practiced for thousands of years around the world? These are questions the University of Utah’s Art in the Community students asked youth at the Salt Lake Public Library’s Glendale Branch.

Built with the idea of creating a true community space, the Glendale Branch is located in the Glendale neighborhood just west of downtown. It is a popular after-school hangout for many of the kids in the area. Students from the University of Utah spent four weeks facilitating art workshops geared toward all ages. The end result is a collaboration of colors, patterns, thoughts and conversations, where participants made not only the objects you see here but also new human connections.

Céline Downen

Teaching Assistant:
Karen Southam

Leah Caldwell, Andrea Canedo, Juniper Hayes, Miranda Klausmeier, Annette Mehr, David Sadler, Celine Saenz, Christina Shulze, Kayla Sudweeks, Taylor Pace, Lauren Rock