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Carol Sogard: Artifacts for the 23rd Century

Sep 22, 2017 – Jan 13, 2018

Artifacts for the 23rd Century draws attention to the inordinate amount of plastic we consume daily. Through creative reconstruction of these single-use disposable materials, the works explore the use of plastic as product rather than simply a by-product of our daily habit of consumption. The plastic grocery bag is a common side effect of consumerism. It lacks value beyond its limited use. Sogard’s process of collecting and reusing reclaimed bags and then manipulating their form and context reveals their tactile qualities rather than reaffirming their intended function. In doing so, she challenges the viewer to question the original intent and necessity of the bags and how their lifestyles contribute to the issue.

The deconstructed bags are the primary material used for the objects in this living space installation. They are literally and metaphorically woven into artifacts that represent our modern culture. The word “artifact” has many meanings… “any object made by human beings; a handmade object characteristic of an earlier time or cultural stage; any mass-produced, usually inexpensive object reflecting contemporary society.” Plastics represent the eternal artifacts of our current society. They never bio degrade – surviving for centuries in landfills, contaminating oceans and endangering species.

Supported by ZAP and Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation.