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Brian Charles Patterson: MISSILEBLOWER (And the Selected Good)

Apr 24, 2015 – Jun 20, 2015

MISSILEBLOWER (And the Selected Good) is a guided meditation on binaries of abundance and scarcity, safety and terror, as well as disruption and tranquility. Contemplating a new era of natural selection brought by catastrophic phenomena, Patterson’s immersive exhibition explores laden facets of conspiracy through an array of dark and humorous documentary-style footage.

Central to Patterson’s narrative is a whistle blower who discloses a governmental project designed to select the best candidates to carry on civilization after the imminent food and water wars, which result – as the ambiguous silhouette explains – from climate change. Yet through this provocative melding of science fiction and new age philosophy, Patterson reveals an honest truth about the decline of our planet, a truth that is often summoned in the realities of genocide, famine, war, and ecological decay.

By juxtaposing the primitive needs of humans with the motley consequences of technology, MISSILEBLOWER (And the Selected Good) presents a window into a future realm where fiction, rumors, and prophecies collide in a mesmerizing aura of peace and perplexity.