Margaret Curtis: This, too. is on view in the Street Gallery through November 9, 2024

Andrea Jensen: Entropostasis

Mar 14, 2014 – May 10, 2014

Oscillating between moments of serenity and devastation, Andrea Jensen’s mixed media paintings reimagine sublime landscapes as blueprints of impermanence. Splotches of blue, red, yellow, and green juxtaposed with stark rigid lines evoke structural designs gone dreadfully wrong. The seemingly logical construction of buildings is interrupted by the disjunction of walls, roofs, and foundations, revealing the inevitable consequences of urban sprawl and environmental depredation.Jensen’s treatment of architectural forms as splintered fragments of bygone residences and neighborhoods suggests the uncanny, as notions of home and comfort are undermined by harsh realities of ecological decay and natural catastrophes.Yet from the wreckage and detritus stems new growth and opportunity, a tension between destruction and rejuvenation that is further evoked by the exhibition’s title, Entropostasis. By combining contradictory concepts of entropy and stasis, Jensen plays on the paradoxes of life and death, progress and decline, while hinting at the futility of mankind’s attempt to separate nature from culture through structural endeavors.Approaching the act of painting as a restorative process, Jensen’s paintings reinvent, and ultimately re-evaluate, relationships between natural environments and material desires for economic prosperity. Entropostasis is a meditation on the uncontrollable force of aberrant environments, revealing how the skeletal remains of crumbling infrastructure become the foundations for future landscapes.