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2022 Gala Art Auction Exhibition

May 13, 2022 – Jun 11, 2022

Featured Artists: Alise Anderson; Coleman Andersen; Mitchell Barton; John Bell; Collin Bradford; Thomas Campbell; Justin Chouinard; is it  Jared Lindsay Clark; Nic Courdy; Paul Crow; Annelise Duque; Patrick Durka; Daniel Everett; Peter Everett; Nolan Flynn; Emily Fox-King; Jonathan Frioux; Josh Graham; Jeff Griffin; Jacob Haupt; Levi Jackson; Jim Jacobs; Janelle James; Trishelle Jeffery; Lenka Konopasek; Susan Kirby; Frank McEntire; Cynthia McLoughlin; Bernard C. Meyers; Nick Pedersen; Heydar Rasoulpour; Jean Richardson; Horacio Rodriguez; Jorge Rojas; Mitsu Salmon; Laura Sharp-Wilson; Matthew Sketch; John Sproul; Jared Steffensen; Claire Taylor; Hannah Vaughn; Gary Vlasic; Jill Whit

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Supported by George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation