The 2024 Gala Art Auction Exhibition is open. Come by to check out the works and bid on your favorite pieces.


May 22, 2015 – Jun 6, 2015

For the 12×12 exhibition, over 50 artists were given 12″ x 12″ panels on which to create original works that will be auctioned online and at the gala to support the museum’s largest fundraiser of the year.

The art pieces span painting, mixed media, found objects, sculpture, wax, resin, pencil, and photograph, and the works will be on display in UMOCA’s Projects Gallery, offering exciting exposure for these artists and a chance for art enthusiasts, new and old, to add affordable, stunning new works to their collections.

Participating Artists

Meredith Aitken; Matthew Allred; Trent Alvey; Eleanna Anagnos; John Bell; Laura Boardman; JB Bond; Connie Borup; Sandy Brunvand; Trent Call; Wendy Chidester; Brian Christensen; Craig Cleveland; Mikel Covey; Mark Crenshaw; Blue Critchfield; Courtney Derrick; David Dornan; Paul Dougan; Stephanie Dykes; McGarren Flack; Nathan Florence; Kirsten Furlong; Rheana Gardner; Josanne Glass; Brad Greenwell; Venessa Gromek; Erica Houston; Janell James; Andrea Jensen; Amy Jorgensen; Kyle Jorgensen; Suzanne Kanatsiz; Lenka Konopasek; Steven Larsen; Laura Mason; Kali Mellus; Anne Morgan-Jespersen; Tracy O’Very Covey; Hadley Rampton; Jorge Rojas; Trevor Southey; Ben Steele; Jared Steffensen; Bonnie Sucec; Dan Toone; Mary Toscano; Brian Usher; Sarina Villareal; Jenna Von Benedikt; Justin Wheatley