The 2024 Gala Art Auction Exhibition is open. Come by to check out the works and bid on your favorite pieces.

Family Art Saturday

Apr 13, 2024 1:00 pm-3:00 pm

A tutorial presentation will start at 1 pm; please arrive by then.

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Join us for a workshop at the UMOCA Stories in Stitches. The Zoque peoples of Chiapas as many other indigenous tribes recorded their stories in textiles and embroidery. The “Chiapaneca Embroidery” an artistry that mixes indigenous and mestizo cultures using silk thread to embroider beautiful patterns of nature on “tulle.” Another ancestral tradition sustained by the “Lopez Aquino Family” of Tuxtla Gutierrez Chiapas.

We will be able to explore silk and other threads to create unique patterns of nature.