Artist-in-Residence Moses Williams' exhibition Parable Bodies is on view through June 1, 2024 in the AIR Space.

Yujin Kang

Yujin Kang, Quarry Mountain, enamel and acrylic on canvas, 65 x 91 cm, 2021

Yujin Kang is originally from Seoul, South Korea and recently moved to Utah after living in Germany, Washington D.C., upstate New York and Korea.  She has a BFA and MFA from Seoul National University, Korea, and an MA from Goldsmith College, London, England.  She has exhibited work in London, Berlin, Seoul, New York City and the Netherlands, and participated in five other art residencies.  Yujin specializes in enamel paint on canvas.  Her work explores the tension between the self-referential autonomy of the paint and the representation of the external environment through the simultaneous expression of abstract and figurative illusion.  She hopes to incorporate the natural landscape of the local area during this residency.